Mykki Blanco
Illustrated by Art Baby Girl
Doodles Mykki Blanco

"A lot of people don't really have a spiritual understanding of astrology & thats why they discredit it. Your "daily" horoscope you'll find in the newspaper is usually generalized trash. I love Kristin because she really writes about astrology in the way that I was taught it as a psychological and spiritual practice."

"People have an idea of who I am & while that idea is true in many ways... lets just put it in Sex & The City lingo... if you THINK I'm a Carrie or a Samantha your wrong.... I'm a Charlotte."

"Donald Trump became President of The United States, I trust NOTHING America does anymore."

"The only place that you literally see the consciousness of the world, a region, a people unfold"

"I came out with first album this fall, were opening up an online store and you can always go here to see an updated list of my tour dates... I LOVE ME!"

Mykki Blanco is a rapper, performance artist, actor, and published poet. His music and performance art is elevated by his gender-bending aesthetic and influence. He's released several EPs and mixtapes and recently released his first full length studio album, Mykki, last year. He's currently performing on a worldwide tour.

Art Baby Girl (Grace Miceli) is a Brooklyn based illustrator and curator. She runs the online exhibition space Art Baby Gallery and the clothing + accessory line Art Baby Girl. Her work is woven with nostalgia in all the right ways. Next level doodles with an emphasis on stripped down detail and bright, minimal coloring. Her subject matter and tone blends nostalgic elements with current cultural commentary. See more of her work at and follow her on Instagram.